Reverse Abstraction

Binary and Hexadecimal 

The Reverse Abstraction series begins with a simple premise: that humans and computers perceive the world through different languages, and what is concrete for one is abstract for the other. The objects and shapes so familiar in human art can be neither perceived nor conceived by computers in their original form. Likewise, the codes that are so familiar to a computer are merely scattered symbols to human sensibility. The Reverse Abstraction series attempts to bridge the gap by constructing traditional objects in dual forms: as the classical object and as the hexadecimal and binary codes that represent them. Thus, abstraction becomes material, the meanings for humans and computers are united, and the duality is resolved.


The text is code.  If a computer were to read that code it would see the object you are seeing.  This is art you both can enjoy.

one and one chair
One and One Chair 

3d printed nylon

Reverse Abstraction series

The hexadecimal sculpture is a recreation of Joseph Kosuth’s “One and Three Chair” piece. Kosuth poses a question of the reality of the chair in his sculpture. I chose to recreate this idea using one object. A 3D rendering of the chair used in Kosuth’s project was created, broken down in to its basic hexadecimal code, and its skeleton build back up using only the code. The chair will look like a chair to both human and computer and will pose the question “which is the real chair?”

mona lisa 
Artist Talk @ Museum of Art and Design

3D printing for Sculptors 1/18/2014

seed of areoi
Platonic Solids

Binary and Hexadecimal

​Reverse Abstraction series

As part of the Reverse Abstraction series, The Platonic Solids project represents an important step in rendering all of human art and culture conceivable to machines. The five platonic solids – the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron – have been revered since antiquity. Their unique characteristics of symmetry and aesthetic appeal have made them cornerstones of math, science, art and mythology for millennia. Their rare perfection and role as nexus for so many cultural strains positions the platonic solids as essential starting points for communicating human culture to machines. By using hexadecimal code to construct each of the five platonic solids, and by placing them at five different locations around the globe, these foundational shapes and their universal import will be made perceivable to all of our descendants, both human and machine.

Hexahedron [US State Dept]
Artist Talk @ 3D Print Show 2014

Metropolitain Pavilion 2/15/2014

The Financial Equation

Laser cut Aluminum 

​Reverse Abstraction series

The trouble with making art on a large scale is funding.  Big things have big price tags.  To make this piece without a backer, I had to work on a budget.  I called this piece “The Financial Equation” and chose to show it in Bushwick as a commentary on the challenges young emerging artists face.  Many of us are forced to consider our financial circumstances without compromising the work.  The three lines of the triangle do not actually meet but create a three-dimensional illusion called the impossible triangle.  Given the title and the illusion of planes that only appear to connect, viewers can reach their own conclusions.  I guess there is also a great pun about making ends meet, but that was an afterthought.



3D print 

​Reverse Abstraction series

Singularity is a sculptural representation of the unknown. There is nothing in the universe we understand less and the black hole is a daunting reminder to humanity how much we still have to learn. The point of singularity inside a black hole is where all laws of physics begin to fail and our understanding of the universe is gone. When creating art for the future using cutting edge technology it is useful to remind oneself how primitive we still are.


Brillo Box

Full Color 3D print

​Reverse Abstraction series

Just as Andy Warhol questioned the culture of consumerism in the 60s, I am questioning it today.  With 3d printing creating the potential for objects to go the way of the pirated music, we as a culture must reevaluate our position as makers/consumers. The music industry has proven the digital age cannot be broken so we, as object makers, must find a new way to market goods to consumers. Just as Warhol drew attention to the bombardment of advertising in the 60s we find ourselves now in another commercial revolution. What will happen when you can pirate objects?


golden ratio
Math Art

3D print

Math is the universal  language of the universe.

Art is the universal visual language of humans.


golden ratio II
Art For Robots

3D prints

This body of work experiments with the capabilities of 3d printing as a way of teaching art to robots.  I program a "lesson" for one of my bots and they in turn give me their sculptural interpretation of my lesson.


lesson #1
lesson #2
lesson #3
Bicycle Wheel

3D print

In the spirit of Duchamp's ready-mades, this 3D printed recreation of "Bicycle Wheel" is created of just that; ready-mades.  By using pre-existing 3D models (stl files) found on http://www.thingiverse.com/, a popular 3D model database, I was able to digitally fuse two models, a wheel and a stool together to create a 21st century ready-made.





prayer wheel

3D print

Prayer Wheel is a 3D printed replica of a traditional buddhist tool used for tantric visualization. The intricate designs and mantras that typically reside on the wheel have been replaced with text pulled from the Dalai Lama’s Twitter feed. His holiness tweets on a regular basis and has quite the web presence. He streams, podcasts, and blogs about his philosophies. In this work I hope to expose this curious juxtaposition of ancient tradition and new technology.



graphite on paper

The missing links of tomorrow's humanoid computers; computer hardware and human hardware become one.


Reddit Birthday

Interactive Performance

On September 27th “Reddit Birthday” was held in a Manhattan production
studio. This piece was a virtual birthday party in honor of my one-year reddit birthday. According to reddit itself, reddit is “a source for what’s new and popular on the web,” and its strength derives from its strong community. Many reddit users celebrate their “reddit birthdays” as the anniversary of the date they created their reddit account. Many Redditors choose to create and post something in honor of that “birthday.”

For my Reddit Birthday, I hosted a real-life party in New York City and an interactive birthday party online. Redditors and friends were invited to celebrate with me. I posted Skype links to six computers that were at my birthday table. The guests who attend my virtual birthday party were able to join these video chats and be part of the celebration. Each guest, in real life or online, received reddit gold, an extended set of features that is available on reddit for a small fee. Reddit Birthday is a well-choreographed performance streamed live on Ustream for everyone to enjoy. As guests signed in and out of the party via Skype, my team of stage hands opened new chats, took party photos (or screen shots), and kept track of guests so I could distribute party favors. Invitations with specifics were posted on reddit the week of the party.

Reddit Birthday was an experiment in public and private self and also a question of technology and human interaction. With the invention and accessibility of computers to the general public, new issues in social interactions arise. Social media, though a revolutionary way to connect people, also limits personal contact. The ease of online chatting and profile comments allows people to connect and share images instantly but also causes social awkwardness with a lack of real contact. Reddit Birthday is a juxtaposition of real world and virtual interaction and allows the viewer to decide if new technology is a social revolution or disorder.


I throw myself a virtual birthday party every year an the anniversary of creating a social media account.