Art Miami by Ashley Zelinskie

You are Invited to Art Miami Booth D105 

If you are planning on flying south for the winter to attend the Miami art fairs please stop by Art Miami and more importantly booth D105. The TORCH gallery booth will be showing a selection of my newest works before my solo exhibition in Amsterdam January 7th (more info on that soon to be announced).

I will have a selection of new laser cut works and I am pleased to announced that we will also be unveiling my first bronze sculpture, a whopping 27lbs of shimmering code.

I hope to see you there! 

November 29 - December 4,2016

Booth D105: Gallery Torch / Gallery Delaive


Art Miami

The Art Miami Pavilion

Midtown | Wynwood Arts District

3101 NE 1st Avenue

Miami, FL 33137


Opening Night           November 29           5:30 pm - 10pm                           

   November 30           11 am - 8 pm

       December 1             11 am - 8 pm    

       December 2             11 am - 8 pm    

       December 3             11 am - 8 pm    

       December 4             11 am - 6 pm  

"Save As" Opens March 3rd 6pm by Ashley Zelinskie

103 Allen street New York, NY

My work will be on display during Armory week at Bunker Gallery for the "Save As" exhibition. Please join us March 3rd at 6pm at 103 Allen street for the opening reception. 

Update! We made editors pick on ArtCards!

How would computers create art about us? 

Is it possible to use machines as more than tools to create engaging work?

“Save As…” is a ground breaking art show about language: visual languages, programming languages and the analog and digital coming together into a human form of expression.  Using the language of art, how can we create a conversation between machines and people?

Rune Madsen creates prints in collaboration with computers. The computers then erase his code.

Ashley Zelinksie creates complex 3d printed sculptures out of their own code for both humans and computers to enjoy. 

Rosalie Yu uses 3d scanning to investigate and capture a series of intimate embraces.

Pedro G. C. Oliveira fabricates unique audio cassette sculptures which play music created entirely from one line of code. 

"Save As..." will take place over 3 days at 103 Allen Street in the Lower East side and feature the work of four emerging artists on the topic of human/machine collaboration. 

For more information visit the gallery website

MakerFest India 2016 x Lady Tech Guild by Ashley Zelinskie

I am proud to be a founding member of The Lady Tech Guild and I am excited to announce our latest venture to MakerFest India. 

The Lady Tech Guild is a collective of professional women who are 3D artists, designers, biohackers, educators and entrepreneurs in the 3D industry, with decades of experience and specialized knowledge in our fields. We support like minded girls and women to become resourceful, inspired creative professionals.

Our goal is to empower women through inspiration and connecting them to technology -- and each other.

We were invited to participate in MakerFest India 2016

Maker Fest is the Indian continuation of Maker Faire hosted across America, Europe, Africa and Japan, among others. Maker Faire, which launched in California, USA in 2006, now hosts hundreds of thousands attendees twice a year across California and New York. It is the amalgamation of festivals celebrating the innovators and an art show with all the booths for inventors and demonstrations and workshops for attendees. Creators, artists and hobbyist across the country are invited to present their contemporary applications of ideas using the vast ocean of art, science and technology. Also, it is non-commercial and free for the public to attend.

Maker Fest monumentalizes not only the final product but also the learning and explorations one faced during the making of something new using the already established.  Come together to build up an enormous community of Makers in India as India is renowned of having the greatest intellectual horsepower among other countries of world.

Ideate, build and share.

C0DE DENS1TY was a great success! by Ashley Zelinskie

July 23rd was the opening for my first immersive video and soundscape "C0DE DENS1TY".  

In Code Density, the artist immerses the viewer in code by placing them in the “brain” of the computer. As the code fills up the room, wrapping the viewer in text, the computer struggles to continue processing the data. Glitches appear creating beautiful digital disasters. The glitches continue as more data pours into the computer becoming more frequent and complexed. The computer finally crashes in a blaze of glitch glory. Viewers are left pondering a number of questions: What was all this data? What was the computer trying to process? The code that viewer witnessed was simply the code for a blank video file. The complex experience was simply an empty canvas, whose data is able to crash a system when placed front and center. On a day-to-day basis we take this data for granted when it is hidden in the depths of the computer’s brain. 

The soundscape presented with this piece was created to be in sync with the text on the screen and includes sounds made with the digits being processed by a number of hacked digital and analog devices.

Big thanks to Gabe Liberti, Burnkit2600, Kristin Sancken, and Lightbox for being the best colabo team ever!

Reddit Birthday by Ashley Zelinskie


Reddit Birthday

Interactive Performance

On September 27th “Reddit Birthday” was held in a Manhattan production studio. This piece was a virtual birthday party in honor of my one-year reddit birthday. According to reddit itself, reddit is “a source for what’s new and popular on the web,” and its strength derives from its strong community. Many reddit users celebrate their “reddit birthdays” as the anniversary of the date they created their reddit account. Many Redditors choose to create and post something in honor of that “birthday.”

For my Reddit Birthday, I hosted a real-life party in New York City and an interactive birthday party online. Redditors and friends were invited to celebrate with me. I posted Skype links to six computers that were at my birthday table. The guests who attend my virtual birthday party were able to join these video chats and be part of the celebration. Each guest, in real life or online, received reddit gold, an extended set of features that is available on reddit for a small fee. Reddit Birthday is a well-choreographed performance streamed live on Ustream for everyone to enjoy. As guests signed in and out of the party via Skype, my team of stage hands opened new chats, took party photos (or screen shots), and kept track of guests so I could distribute party favors. Invitations with specifics were posted on reddit the week of the party.

Reddit Birthday was an experiment in public and private self and also a question of technology and human interaction. With the invention and accessibility of computers to the general public, new issues in social interactions arise. Social media, though a revolutionary way to connect people, also limits personal contact. The ease of online chatting and profile comments allows people to connect and share images instantly but also causes social awkwardness with a lack of real contact. Reddit Birthday is a juxtaposition of real world and virtual interaction and allows the viewer to decide if new technology is a social revolution or disorder.


I throw myself a virtual birthday party every year an the anniversary of creating a social media account.