"Save As" Opens March 3rd 6pm / by Ashley Zelinskie

103 Allen street New York, NY

My work will be on display during Armory week at Bunker Gallery for the "Save As" exhibition. Please join us March 3rd at 6pm at 103 Allen street for the opening reception. 

Update! We made editors pick on ArtCards!

How would computers create art about us? 

Is it possible to use machines as more than tools to create engaging work?

“Save As…” is a ground breaking art show about language: visual languages, programming languages and the analog and digital coming together into a human form of expression.  Using the language of art, how can we create a conversation between machines and people?

Rune Madsen creates prints in collaboration with computers. The computers then erase his code.

Ashley Zelinksie creates complex 3d printed sculptures out of their own code for both humans and computers to enjoy. 

Rosalie Yu uses 3d scanning to investigate and capture a series of intimate embraces.

Pedro G. C. Oliveira fabricates unique audio cassette sculptures which play music created entirely from one line of code. 

"Save As..." will take place over 3 days at 103 Allen Street in the Lower East side and feature the work of four emerging artists on the topic of human/machine collaboration. 

For more information visit the gallery website http://www.bunker.nyc/artists/