Selected Exhibitions

”Synthesis” //group exhibition // Masur Museum // Monroe, LA
”Art Bio Collaborative” //group exhibition // Gamboa, Panama
”Earth Suit Project” // group exhibition // Paris Fashion Week // Paris, France

"Puente Encriptado" // interactive installation // Callao Monumental // Art.Mo // Lima, Peru
"Amulets Ethereal" group exhibition // Barney Savage Gallery // New York, NY
”Classic Nouveau” group exhibition // LatchKey Gallery // Brooklyn, NY

"Reverse Abstraction" solo exhibition // TORCH Gallery // Amsterdam, Netherlands
"James Webb Telescope Art" group exhibition// NASA Goddard // Greenbelt, MD
"Making Their Mark" group exhibition // Rye Arts Center // Rye, NY
"Bunker Gallery" group exhibition // Sotheby's // New York, NY
"All in One" group exhibition // Kate Oh Gallery // New York, NY
"Future Works" solo exhibition // Kate Oh Gallery // New York, NY

"Save As"//Bunker Gallery//New York,NY
TEFAF 2016 // Kunsthandel Rueb // Maastricht, Netherlands

"C0de Dens1ty" immersive video installation // Lightbox// New York, NY
"Return to Tomorrow" solo exhibiton//Kingsborough College //Brooklyn, New York

"Maker Faire" // NY Hall of Science // New York,NY
"30 Years of TORCH" TORCH Gallery//Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Made with Code" Google initiative for women in tech//Skylight Modern New York, NY
"Out of Hand" Artist in Residence//Museum of Art and Design//New York, NY

"The WAH Center Bridges Bushwick"//The Williamsburg Art & Historical Center//Brooklyn, NY
"TORCH Summer Exhibition"//TORCH Gallery //Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Rock Street 2013" //Lesley Heller Workspace pop-up for Bushwick Open Studios // Brooklyn, NY
"Pop Rally Abstract" // MoMA // New York, NY

“Art for Tibet” //Tibet House // New York, New York
“NURTUREart Benefit” //NURTUREart// Brooklyn, New York
“Art Hack Day Exhibition” //319 Scholes//  Brooklyn New York

“The ArtOFFICIAL Truth” //Project One Gallery//  San Francisco, California
“Art for Tibet” //The Union Gallery//  New York, New York.

“Ritual Objects” //Hillel Gallery, Brown University//  Providence, Rhode Island
“Limits Complete” //Gallery GB4//  Providence, Rhode Island


2019 Art+Bio Collaborative // Island Life // Puerto Rico/ Panama
2014 New Museum Incubator// New Inc. // New York, New York
2014 Shapeways Resident Artist// Out of Hand: Hands on//Museum of Art and Design //New York
2012 Makerbot Industries //Brooklyn, New York
2011 The Bookstore Project //Amsterdam, Netherlands


Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
NASA Goddard, Kennedy, Ames
Google NY, SF


US Consulate Saudi Arabia - Permanent Collection // commissioned artwork by the US State Dept. Art in Embassies Program // Saudi Arabia
Hadi Partovi // //Seattle, Washington
Jadeja Motwani Foundation collection // Palo Alto, CA


2018 Georgia Southern University
2017 ITP, NYU
2014 Made with Code//Code Academy//New York
2014 Dept of Chemistry and Bio Chemistry//Hunter College, New York
2014 3D Print Show// Metropolitain Pavilion, New York
2014 3D Printing for Sculptors//Museum of Art and Design, New York
2013 Maker Faire // New York Hall of Science, Queens, New York
2012 GE Garages // Story Chelsea, New York
2012 Maker Faire // New York Hall of Science Queens, New York
2012 3rd Ward Brooklyn, New York
2011 Bookstore Projects Amsterdam, Netherlands


Adobe and Shapeways Ultimate Design Award for Iconic 3D Print of 2014

selected press

"Young Digital Artists, Anxious About ... Technology" New York Times
"BUNKER Exhibition Brings VR to Sotheby's" Sotheby's

"The Artist Who Speaks to Computers and Their Humans" VICE Broadly
"An Overly Optimistic Take on Our Post-Human Existence" Hyperallergic

"Bringing 3-D Power to the People" New York Times
"Behind the Model: One and One Chair by Ashely Zelinskie" Shapeways Blog
"Will Computers Outlast Their Makers?" Sci Art in America
"The Art of 3D Printing" 3dusers
"9 Amazing pieces of Art Sculpted Entirely by 3D Printer" Gizmodo

"This work is not for us. It is for the future. And Robots" Invigorate
"3D Printers Make Art for Future Robots" Live Science
Exploring the Land of 3D Printed Sculptures through Google Glasses of Ashley Zelinskie” Bushwick Daily
"10 Must-Visit Studios, 10 Must-See Exhibitions, and More at Bushwick Open Studios 2013" ArtInfo
"In Bushwick, Art and Industry Make Friends" The Wall Street Journal

“Robots Lend a Hand” The Brooklyn Ink
"Detroit’s Artistic Opportunities" Art21 Blog
“Is The ‘New’ Brooklyn Economy For Real?” Brooklyn Magazine
“Photos from Art Hack Day Show” Hyperallergic
“Art Hack Day” Tech Crunch

“The Envy Index: 25 Under 25″ The L Magazine
“Ashley Zelinskie is Making Art for Computers” Beautiful/Decay
“Ashley Zelinskie: Reverse Abstraction” Context Magazine p.74-75
“Between the Warehouses with Ashley Zelinskie” Bushwick Daily
“Ashley Zelinskie: Reddit Birthday” Happy Famous Artists