JWST Star Scape


JWST Star Scape


24 x 36 inch archival print on paper
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signed and editioned by the artist

only 5 available 

Ashley Zelinskie "Exploration" 3D printed gold plated nylon Exploration. The sole purpose of the JWST mission.To look back in time and see how our universe was formed.To raise questions we never thought to ask. To reach into the unknown.

“Astronomy by its very nature drives us toward the unknown…there’s something uniquely human about wanting to find out about our surroundings, to explore our world, to discover new things. That’s what astronomy is all about." - Amber Straughn

Exploration was created using 3D scans of John Cromwell Mather, astrophysicist, cosmologist and Nobel Prize in Physics laureate and Amber Straughn Astrophysicist; Deputy Project Scientist for JWST Science Communications. The arms are reaching out of the primary mirror of the JWST as though they are reaching through a portal to the ends of the universe. As they push through they are enveloped in information, formulas that have helped unlock the secrets of the universe. John describes the Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker metric which is used to wrap the arms of the piece. This metric is an exact solution of Einstein's field equations of general relativity.

“The equations wrapped around the hands in this sculpture are the “FLRW" cosmological solution to Einstein’s field equations of general relativity, paired with the formula that describes a parabolic mirror. One might say we build one (the telescope primary mirror) to test the other (Einstein’s equations).”

The third arm is my own; the arm of an artist. The abstract idea of studying what you don't know is hard to grasp. This is a disconnect that art can help fill in. Art asks people every day to think about abstract ideas and opens a doorway for creative thinking. My hope is to apply this open mindedness to science and in this way be better equipped to take in the universe in all its vastness and mystery.

NASA announced the opening of a free new art exhibit inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope at the Visitor Center at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The public opening begins March 3 and runs for six weeks. Members of the Media are invited to a preview at 1 p.m. EST on March 2.

The artists assembled in front of the actual James Webb Space Telescope at NASA Goddard, November 2016, to learn about the telescope, and begin their work.

In November 2016, artists from around the country applied to visit NASA Goddard to see the telescope, with its 6.5-meter-high, gold-coated mirror. Twenty five were selected to bring art supplies with them and be inspired to create in front of Webb, housed inside its massive cleanroom behind a viewing window. The artists represented a broad range of artistic media and styles, including watercolor, 3D printed sculpture, silk screening, acrylics, sumi-e (East Asian brush technique), comics, letterpress, woodwork, metalwork, jewelry making, fiber art, ink, mural painting, kite-making, tattooing, scientific illustration, poetry, songwriting and video.

A selection of final artwork and progress photos of James Webb Space Telescope-inspired art that will be in the exhibit at the NASA Goddard Visitor Center.

Visitors can view an exhibit of the resulting artwork at the Goddard Visitor Center from March 3 to April 16, 2017. There is no entry fee for the Visitor's Center, which is open to the general public.

The Webb telescope, a joint mission between NASA, the European Space Agency and Canadian Space Agency, will study every phase in the history of our Universe, ranging from the first luminous glows after the Big Bang, to the formation of planetary systems capable of supporting life on planets like Earth, to the evolution of our own Solar System and beyond.

For more information about NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, visit: www.nasa.gov/webb or jwst.nasa.gov

For directions to the NASA Goddard visitor's center: http://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/visitor/directions/index.html

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