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Birth, Rebirth

Hologram fans, lasers, fog, LED tubes, and soundscape installation

Birth, Rebirth creates a dark meditative space immersed in the ambient noise of the cosmic background radiation, the sound of creation. The cosmic background radiation is a faint relic of the earliest days of the universe, observable everywhere and in all directions. “Birth, Rebirth” invokes the earliest days of a new universe, placing the viewer in the midst of a stellar nursery following the Big Bang.

A foggy nebula surrounds the viewer as stars are born within its clouds. Overhead twinkle holographic stars, while in the distance the viewer can see tiny stars created by code-driven lasers blinking in and out of existence. The nebulous cloud of gas glows with various colors guided by computerized LED tubes.

This work is a collaboration between artist Ashley Zelinskie and creative technologist Sidney San Martín.