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Code Density

various sizes
immersive 360 video and sound scape

In Code Density, the artist immerses the viewer in code by placing them in the “brain” of the computer. As the code fills up the room, wrapping the viewer in text, the computer struggles to continue processing the data. Glitches appear creating beautiful digital disasters. The glitches continue as more data pours into the computer becoming more frequent and complex. The computer finally crashes in a blaze of glitch glory. Viewers are left pondering a number of questions: What was all this data? What was the computer trying to process? The code that viewer witnessed was simply the code for a blank video file. The complex experience was simply an empty canvas, whose data is able to crash a system when placed front and center. On a day-to-day basis we take this data for granted when it is hidden in the depths of the computer’s brain.

The soundscape presented with this piece was created to be in sync with the text on the screen and includes sounds made with the digits being processed by a number of hacked digital and analog devices.