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Human Code

11 in x 11 in x 7 in (28 cm x 28 cm x 17 cm)
NASA laser gold plated 3D printed ABS

We think of ourselves so different from computers but we are all made of code deep down in our DNA. My newest series of work to be released this fall will incorporate DNA codis marker sequencing. The portraits will not only be of the models but also of their genetic code, the codis markers, the pieces of the human genome that make us who we are. The sculptures feature a 3d scan of the subject made up of their 13 codis markers broken down into the individual amino acids, (what makes the bars of a double helix) making a “code” for that person. The intent is to speak about the code that is in us all and the abstraction that is our human image. Just as a computer thinks in ones and zeros and all we see is a clean user interface so is our DNA, microscopic under our skin.