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Master Paintings

laser cut full color printed canvas

Seed of Areoi


In collaboration with Google NY

The hexadecimal paintings included in this series are reproductions of master paintings. High quality images are taken from Google Art project and broken down into their basic hexadecimal code. The code was then laser cut onto the exact same size canvas as the original work of art. The finished product leaves the viewer with a buzzing optical illusion that upon close inspection is the pixel thick code that describes how a computer interprets art.

Here I have chosen to laser cut Gauguin's "Primitive" series. The juxtaposition between obsession with old and obsession with new complement each other for a unique experience.

Mona Lisa


30.3 in x 20.9 in (77 cm x 53 cm)

Framed and on display at Google's Made with Code event at the Skylight Modern 2014.

For more recognizable paintings that the viewer can reference in their mind I chose to not include the visual data on the canvas so the beauty of the laser cut canvas could be appreciated on its own.